This specification applies to fiberglass outdoor padmount enclosures. Unit shall be designed for mounting on a concrete pad by means of an internal flange completely around the base. Enclosures shall be in complete conformance with ANSI C57.12.28, Pad-mounted Equipment Enclosure Integrity Standard.

  1. Fiberglass laminate shall be 3/16" nominal thickness except where local reinforcement is required.
  2. Fiberglass shall not support combustion and be self extinguishing.


  1. Enclosure exterior shall be gelcoated to .014 inch nominal thickness and be manufacturers standard willow (or munsell) green color.
  2. Locking device shall provide both a captive penta head bolt and padlocking provisions.
  3. All hardware shall be made of 304 stainless steel.
  4. A stainless steel identification plate shall be affixed outside the enclosures which identifies the manufacturer; model number of the equipment; and date of manfacture.


  1. Stainless steel louvers shall be provided with stainless steel screen baffle for adequate air flow and heat dissipation as required for enclosed equipment.
  1. Certified test data for the structural standards of finished laminate shall be made available upon request.
  2. The pedestal shall meet or exceed ANSI C57.12.28, Pad-mounted Equipment Enclosure Integrity Standard.

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