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Fiberglass Modular Buildong

Power Design Modular Enclosures are made with fire retardant fiberglass and protected with UV stabilized gelcoat. Our fiberglass buildings are offered in various widths ranging from 48" to 120, and configurations. Optional equipment such as foam insulation, air conditioning, heater w/thermostats and fluorescent lights are also offered.
  • EXPANDABLE in length and height.
  • ACCESS DOOR location, quantity and size can be specified.
  • INTERNAL SEAMS are bolted and sealed for strength and water integrity.
  • LIFT OFF DESIGN allows modular enclosures to be removed without disturbing enclosed equipment.
  • ENCLOSURE COLOR can be specified to match project requirements.

Power Design fiberglass modular enclosures are engineered for a wide range of applications. A unique modular manufacturing process allows the building's width and length to expanded in 4' increments and various heights. Typical applications for these enclosures include;

  • Engine Generator Enclosures
  • Substation Control Houses
  • Wastewater Treatment Buildings
  • Pump Stations
  • Antennae Housings
  • Transformer Enclosure
  • Equipment Panel Enclosure
  • Lift Station Covers
  • Equipment Houses
  • High Voltage Enclosures










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